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This highly practical and NHS England accredited Minor Surgery Course is for healthcare professionals who would like to develop or improve their surgical skills, whilst learning to provide a safe, effective and modern Minor Surgery Service.

The Minor Surgery Course is led by experienced and practicing GPs, ensuring that a community focus and context is maintained throughout. They are supported by specialist surgeons, ensuring we always teach the most recent and evidence based practices.

The Minor Surgery Course begins with a series of punchy and entertaining lectures, where we cover practical tips, useful advice, and all the key safety information you need. This is followed by supervised hands on practice for the remainder of the 2 Days.

NHS Practitioners

NHS Primary Care Practitioners wishing to perform these surgical procedures under the Minor Surgery Directly Enhanced Service  (“the Minor Surgery DES”) must submit evidence of appropriate ongoing training, including confirmation that a Direct Observation of Procedural Skills (DOPS) Assessment has taken place.

The course includes a DOPS Assessment, which will be noted on your certificate of completion. This can then be submitted to NHS England / your local commissioners,  so that you can remain accredited to perform these procedures under the Minor Surgery DES. This training usually needs to be renewed every 2-3 years.

Completing thE MINOR SURGERY course will:

Who IS the minor surgery course SUITABLE FOR:

The Minor Surgery Course is suitable for all skills levels.

If you are a novice or beginner, then we’ll teach you to perform Minor Surgery. If you have previous experience, then you’ll expand your knowledge and fine tune your skills with the support of surgical experts. If you’re already an expert, then you’ll receive an excellent refresher, and an opportunity to share your experience with your peers.

The Minor Surgery Course is designed with GPs, Nurse Practitioners, Paramedics & Community Practitioners in mind, but is perfectly suitable for any healthcare professional looking to develop their surgical skillset.

benefits of the minor surgery course:

Hands On Practice

Our synthetic skin pads, abscesses, cysts, lipomata & lesions will give you the hands on practice you need

Expert Supervision

Plenty of time to gain practical experience, always under our expert supervision. DOPS Assessments included.

Online Resources

Permanent access to our suite of lectures, tutorials, demonstration videos and handbooks

12 CPD

Completion of this course will gain you 12 CPD points

The Minor Surgery Course Covers:

– The Minor Surgery Contract

– Rules & Regulations

– Treatment Room and Facility Requirements

– Equipment, Needles and Sutures

– Support Staff

– Medico-Legal Issues, Consent, and Patient Administration

– Skin Anatomy

– Pigmented Lesion Recognition

– How to Not Miss Melanoma

– NICE Guidelines

– Anticipating Problems

– Reducing Complications 

– Planning the Procedure

– Cleaning & Preparing the Skin

– Anaesthetic Administration

– The Ring Block and Field Block Anaesthetic Injection Techniques

– Where to Place Your Incisions

– Measuring & Marking the Surgical Ellipse

– Excision of Ellipse

– Lipoma Excision

– Epidermal Cyst Excision 

– Abscess Incision & Drainage

– Snip Shave & Curettage

– Removal of Ingrown Toenail

– Cryosurgery & Electro-surgery

– Simple Interrupted Sutures

– Deep Dermal Sutures

– Vertical Mattress Sutures

– Horizontal Mattress Sutures

– Subcuticular Sutures

– Achieving Haemostasis

– Histology

– Wound care

– Suture removal

– Follow-up

– Managing Complications

– Audit


There’s a reason we’ve now been providing our Minor Surgery Course for over 12 years. To date we have taught over 12,000 practitioners both nationally and internationally, with over 99% saying they would recommend this course to a friend or colleague.


For over a decade we have been providing Minor Surgery training in the UK and abroad for internationally recognised bodies, including the Royal Society of Medicine, the Royal College of General Practitioners, The Royal College of Nursing, and many local commissioning groups.

This course is endorsed by our partner and the largest Primary Care educator in the UK, NB Medical Education, who share our passion for equipping healthcare professionals with the latest skills, knowledge and techniques.

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