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Innovative Models

We use a range of high quality and advanced training aides including responsive joint injection models, soft tissue skin pads and live models. For our Minor Surgery courses you can even hone your skills with take home surgery kits and suture practice pads.

Course Handbooks

Our course handbooks have been developed by a multi-disciplinary team of experts using the latest evidence, guidance and best-practice. The handbooks and other support materials can always be downloaded via our website, and at your convenience.

Expert Support

Our friendly and approachable tutors are leaders in the fields of plastic surgery, orthopaedic surgery, dermatology, physiotherapy and general practice. We pride ourselves on our fun and engaging teaching style and our trainers are always happy to offer their expert post course support

Unique Polling Software

Our highly interactive sessions are enhanced using a combination of voting keypads and smart phone apps, alongside more traditional learning methods including pre and post-course MCQs.

Video Demonstrations

We have developed our own educational videos to support and enhance your ongoing learning and practice. All our videos are available to delegates both before and after the course.

Practical Experience

The emphasis is on learning practical skills and there are very few sit down “lectures.” YOU will be doing the procedures, not us.
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